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Unfortunately, we no longer have time to run the shop. Many thanks to all our customers over the years. You have helped us to look after our needy residents!

Welcome to our shop. All proceeds from any items that we sell go to help the chinchillas. We are a self funded rescue and regularly have vets bills in the hundreds of pounds. Please take a look and see if there is anything that your little furries may enjoy. We use all the items below for the chins in our care on a regular basis. All mixes have been designed to take into account the chinchillas exotic diet and needs. The toys are designed to be safe and to stimulate the chins. Please note that toys are meant to be chewed, and whilst most toys will last a good while, some chins may manage to destroy them quickly. Our family of six can kill a toy in record breaking time, but it is great to see them all working as a team !!
Many thanks go to Linda and all at Summerhill Pet Supplies for the help that they have given us over the years.
Please note that we have revised our standard P&P charges to £1.20 per item and now just £0.30 for an additional identical item.
It is very difficult to put the exact price for P&P on the shop, but if you know what you want, we can work it out. If you would like us to provide an exact amount for P&P, then please contact us.