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Chinchillas 4 Life was founded in 2003. We have been taking in sick and unwanted chins ever since.

We aim to find loving 'forever' homes for our healthy chins. We also provide sanctuary for those that are too poorly or too old to be rehomed.

We have developed an interest in the dental problems of chinchillas. We have many chins with these problems and we give them the best possible care and attention. We are currently trialing a new diet with some success that seems to be helping these chins.

We are always happy to help anyone with chinchilla related health issues. Please feel free to contact us.

We now have help rescuing and rehoming chins in West Yorkshire, Cumbria and Lancashire. If you have any questions, or want to ask about a chinny that needs rehoming in one of those area, then take a look at our contact page to email a member of our team.


Although we do have babies born here, we do not breed chinchillas. We believe that doing so would be wrong when we are inundated with unwanted chins. To that end, we also try to castrate our male chins.

We believe that this will help to reduce accidental pregnancies and that the risks of surgery are worthwhile. We have had too many chins come into us in terrible states because their owners failed to properly care for them.

We also make it very clear to anyone wishing to re home a chin that they must not be used to breed. Our chins often have very scant histories, and to breed from them could produce weak or poorly chins.

For more information on castrations and other health issues, take a look at our health pages.